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NetPing Demo Stand in Kazakhstan for Everyone
Our official partner in Kazakhstan Gain Technology opened a demo stand on the basis of NetPing equipment in its off...
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Zabbix 4 Templates for NetPing Devices
«... A template is a set of objects that can be applied to several network nodes.Objects may be as follows:data elements;triggers;graph...
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How Different UniPing server solution v4/SMS Is From NetBotz Rack Monitor 200 (NBRK0201)?
It is difficult to imagine modern life without informational technologies, such as electronic databases, directories, search engines, system...
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NetPing Issued the Firware Update DKSF 707.3.8 for a NetPing SMS Gateway
The NetPing east Co Ltd. company announces issuing the firmware update for the NetPing SMS gateway. New firmware version...
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NetPing Issued the Firmware Update DKSF 70.7.2 DKSF 71.7.2 for UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3 Monitoring Units
The company NetPing east Co Ltd. announces the issue of firmware updates for the devices for monitoring microclimate in serve...
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Hardware SMS Gateway for Monit Monitoring System
This article is a logic sequel to the article «Example of Server Room Monitoring on the Basis of MONIT, INFLUXDB, GRAFANA, and NetPing Monit...
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Example of Monitoring a Server Room on the Basis of Icinga and NetPing Devices
Icinga is a monitoring system with the open source code. It was originally created as a branch of the Nagios monitoring ...
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Hardware SMS Gateway for The Dude Network Monitor
The Dude network monitor is an application developed by the Latvian company MikroTik that can significantly improve the opera...
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