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  • NetPing Issued New Temperature Sensor (T811)

NetPing Issued New Temperature Sensor (T811)

Temperature sensor (T811) from NetPing

NetPing global Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of original equipment for monitoring and remote controlling of a power supply via Ethernet/Internet network, announces issuing of a new item – temperature sensor (T811) for measuring temperature values in °C. A temperature sensor (T811) is built on the basis of a digital single-chip thermometer TCN75A, with a possibility to change an address of a temperature sensor manually. It is manufactured as a board, installed into a plastic case, with a four-wire loop, which transmits the information about temperature in a digital form.

Temperature sensor (T811) from NetPing


New temperature sensor (T811) is compatible with the next devices for monitoring server rooms and remote controlling of a power supply:

Basic technical specifications of a temperature sensor (T811):

  • Manufactured on the basis of a digital single-chip thermometer TCN75A;
  • A range of operation temperatures is -40°C ... +125°C;
  • Accuracy is ±1,5°C in the range -40°C ... +125°C;
  • A digital bus of the I2C standard;
  • A possibility to install a sensor address independently;
  • An undetachable wire 2 meters long

This sensor is available for ordering at the manufacturer's website www.netpingdevice.com today.


netpingdevice.com - we develop, manufacture and sell monitoring devices for server rooms as well as for a remote monitoring
Phone: 886-2-6612-8100

7F.-2, No.25, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


  • Temperature sensor T811, 2m

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Temperature sensor T811, 2m
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