How to Connect NetPing to TRASSIR

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TRASSIR software, which is developed by the Russian company Digital Security Systems Lab (DSSL), is a leader in the area of developing professional software for digital video surveillance systems. A possibility to integrate monitoring devices of a server room and NetPing remote power supply monitoring devices is implemented in TRASSIR software. In this case NetPing devices serve as executing devices and allow to increase a functionality of the system TRASSIR, as well as expand the applicability of the devices NetPing in different automated systems and video surveillance complexes.

In this article, connecting NetPing devices to TRASSIR software will be examined.


To connect NetPing device to TRASSIR software for implementing required tasks, there is a need to have the following:

Connecting NetPing to TRASSIR

To connect a NetPing device to TRASSIR software, there is a need to run a user's interface in TRASSIR by clicking the shortcut «Trassir 3 Demo» at the desktop (when installing, a software is added to the startup on default, therefore, there is no need to run the software):

Shortcut to TRASSIR

In the upper part of the interface in the centre, there is a button looking like an arrow directed downward, which needs to be clicked for the main control panel to appear.

Activating the top dropdown screen in TRASSIR

Go to the TRASSIR settings by clicking the button «Settings»:

Running the TRASSIR program settings

Choose «Hardware» > «IP Devices» in software settings and click the button «Add Manually»:

Menu for adding NetPing devices to Trassir

Choose the name «Lightcom» out of a long list of equipment brands.

Lightcom – is an old name for NetPing devices. TRASSIR software developers will update the information about the brand, changing it from «Lightcom» to «NetPing» in one of the next versions of their software.

Adding NetPing devices to the TRASSIR software configuration

Choose a necessary model from the list of represented NetPing devices to connect to TRASSIR.

If a necessary model is not in the list, it is possible to choose the model «UniPing server solution n/m». This will not allow to control built-in relays, but at least it will allow to manage IO lines of any purchased device!

When adding a device, there is a need to pay attention to numbers following the name of a device, that are divided by the character «/». The first number is an amount of IO lines that work as input, and the second one is a number of lines working as an output.

Selecting the NetPing model in the TRASSIR configuration

Let us suppose that there is a need to add a device UniPing server solution v4/SMS, managing all eight IO lines in an output mode to TRASSIR. Due to the fact that UniPing server solution v4/SMS is not in the model list, there is a need to choose the item «UniPing server solution 0/16» out of the represented list and enter an IP address of a device, and click the button «Create»:

Configuring the connection settings for the NetPing device from the TRASSIR software

The next step is to configure a NetPing device and its IO lines. At the tab «Setup» it is possible to rename an added device, for example, to UniPing server solution v4/SMS and enable first 8 IO lines to control them in an output mode:

Configuring the NetPing device and its IO lines in the TRASSIR configuration

After such configuration, a UniPing server solution v4/SMS device will appear in TRASSIR object tree with its IO lines in an output mode. Now it is possible to control IO lines from a TRASSIR object tree. 

Managing the IO lines of a NetPing device from TRASSIR

Troubleshooting Connecting NetPing to TRASSIR

If a user has got issues with connecting NetPing devices to TRASSIR software, for example, TRASSIR does not install communication with NetPing and issues an error «Error code: connection lost: no response from device»:

Error connecting NetPing devices to TRASSIR

In this case, there is a need to follow the next recommended steps:

  1. Check correctness of indicated IP address of NetPing device in TRASSIR settings;
  2. Check the availability of NetPing device from a server, where TRASSIR software is installed. Is there is no access in firewall, check if the UDP-port 161 is opened;
  3. Check the community value of NetPing device. It should be set to the default value SWITCH. Otherwise, there will be no communication between NetPing and TRASSIR;
  4. Check settings of the port of an SNMP agent in a web interface of NetPing device. A port of an SNMP agent must be set to 161;
  5. When connecting a device NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS through a mask «NetPing 8/PWR-220 v3/SMS n/m» (i.e. choosing the model NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS in settings of TRASSIR software) TRASSIR is not able to connect to NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS and will issue an error «Error code: connection lost: no response from device». To solve this issue, there is a need to choose a mask «UniPing server solution n/m»;
  6. If there is no necessary NetPing device in a model list, then there is a need to use the model «UniPing server solution n/m» for connection;
  7. If the recommendations described above have not helped to solve the issue, then there is a need to leave request for a DSSL technical support

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