NetPing SMTP Server on the Internet

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In the cases, when you need to send e-mail notifications from NetPing devices using SMTP server in the Internet network, you can use our SMTP server.

This SMTP service is free and can be used by all our users!

Use the next credentials:

SMTP Server Address:

SMTP Server Port: 2525 (Note: if SMTP port 2525 does not work, try port 8025, 587 or 25)

User Name: < contact a technical support via the address to get a username >

Password: < contact a technical support via the address to get a password >

In the field «From» at the page «E-MAIL» of a web interface of a NetPing device, there is a need to indicate an e-mail address in a domain (for example:

Configuring SMTP server to send e-mail notifications from the devices NetPing

To use our SMTP server, your NetPing device must have a possibility to send packages into the Internet network (outbound TCP ports 2525, 8025, 587 or 25). To do this, a device must have a properly configured IP address of a gateway and a DNS server.

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