NetPing Issued a DKSF 60.5.2 Firmware Update for a UniPing v3 Device

NetPing company announces issuing a firmware update for a device for remote monitoring of server rooms UniPing v3. This firmware version contains the implementation of a new functionality, bug fixes, and update of a layout of certain pages of a device web interface.

What have been changed in the latest version?

DKSF 60.5.2 Firmware Version from 18.01.2016:

  • A TCP client and a module of sending e-mail notifications are updated. As a result, a probability of a device failure is decreased when sending long e-mail notifications;
  • In the field «From:» in e-mail notifications, a device hostname is added, which is set at the page «SETUP» of a device web interface;
  • A possible nonconformity of an actual relay status to a specified one in the firmware after starting/reloading a device until the first switching of a relay is eliminated;
  • Now HTTP API commands for controlling a relay return an error correctly while attempting to control a relay number 3, which does not exist in a device. In previous firmware versions, commands for controlling a relay number 3 have always returned a response «relay_result('ok');»;
  • A list of statuses of a peripheral device of an IR extension module IRC-TR v2 is improved in the MIB file of a current firmware version. Previously, the MIB file contained a list of statuses for an IR extension module IRC-TR v1;
  • Faulty triggering of the module «SNMP SETTER» and reproducing IR commands while restarting the module «Logic» is eliminated.

DKSF 60.5.1 Firmware Version from 25.09.2015:

  • A description of an IO line logic level is added, which is set at the page «DISCRETE I/O» of a device web interface in SNMP TRAP notifications from IO lines;
  • An issue of incorrect forming a periodic e-mail report about a status of sensors, if no sensor is included in a report, is eliminated. Now an empty report is sent with the text «- empty report» instead of a block of random characters;
  • A possibility to record initial values into SNMP OID variables «npElecEnergy» or «npElecEnergy100» (electricity meter) is added, with following saving in the nonvolatile memory. When changing an SNMP OID variable «npElecPulsesPerKWh» (pulse conversion coefficient in kWh) there is a need to adjust SNMP OID variables «npElecEnergy» or «npElecEnergy100», to make their values correspond to a new recalculation constant;
  • A module for counting pulses with saving into the nonvolatile memory and recalculation of pulses in kWh is added for working with energy meters (available through SNMP, a branch in the MIB file «npElecMeter»). Data are saved into a non-volatile memory once in three minutes;
  • In the NTP settings on the page «SETUP» of a device web interface, an NTP server is added as a default server for synchronizing time;
  • A module for sending e-mail notifications is updated, which now supports:
    • working with SMTP servers, which support the authentication method AUTH LOGIN besides AUTH PLAIN;
    • working with SMTP servers without authorization, with empty fields of a username and a password in the settings of the module;
  • An information notification is added to a system log of a device about dismissing e-mail notifications is added: «sendmail: message has dropped, SMTP server IP unknown». Now such notification appears only if an SMTP server address is not indicated in the settings at the page «E-MAIL», or when a device cannot get an IP address of an SMTP server on the basis of a domain name;
  • All types of notifications (Log, Syslog, SNMP TRAP and E-mail) from IO lines in the modes «output» and «logic output» are added. In previous firmware versions, notifications worked only from IO lines in the mode «input»;
  • An operability of the function of the UART «TCP-COM» port is restored. Previously, sending data from a port into the network has been blocked;
  • A name of a page «CURRENT SENSOR» of a device web interface is changed. Now this page is named «SMOKE».

NetPing company recommends upgrading the firmware of a UniPing v3 device to the latest version. Updates are available at the official website at the page with a description of a device in the section «Documentation and files». We hope that upgrading to the latest firmware version will improve quality and reliability of a device operation.

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