NetPing Issued a Firmware Update DKSF 51.8.12 for the Device NetPing /PWR-220 v3/ETH

The NetPing company issued a regular firmware update for the device NetPing /PWR-220 v3/ETH. A new firmware version allowed to make a device operation more reliable.

So what has been changed in the latest version?

Firmware Version DKSF 51.8.12 from 30.04.2015:

  • A warning has been added on undesirability of a downgrade without a prior consult with a technical support; 
    NetPing firmware downgrade
  • «Reset» button behaviour is changed. From now on reset of settings is performed by pushing the button followed by turning on a device;
  • Failures of a web interface are fixed, which were caused by including special characters into the text data, such as comments to a relay and a general information about a device.

Firmware Version DKSF 51.8.10 from 26.09.2014:

  • Network settings are not removed anymore when firmware is updated;
  • Editing a comment for a relay at the page «Watchdog» of a web interface is prohibited. Now a comment, which is set in the field «Note» at the web page «Relay» is displayed in this field.

NetPing company recommends updating firmware of devices NetPing /PWR-220 v3/ETH to the latest version. Updates are available on the official web site in the section «Files». Updating new firmware allows improving quality and convenience of working with a device.

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