NetPing Issued a Firmware Update DKSF 54.1.6 for NetPing 4/PWR-220 v4/SMS Device

NetPing company informs about issuing a firmware update for the device NetPing 4/PWR-220 v4/SMS. A new firmware version for a device allowed to make a work with a device more convenient.

So what has been changed in the latest version?

Firmware Version DKSF 54.1.6 from 30.03.2015:

  • Resetting parameters without turning a device off is realized. Reset is made by holding the button Reset for more than 5 seconds, afterward user's settings are deleted and a device is restarted;
  • A bug of SNMP TRAP notifications from temperature sensors was fixed. Earlier TRAP notifications were not sent from sensors regardless notification settings;
  • Failures of a web interface are fixed that were caused by including special characters into text data, such as comments to relays and temperature sensors as well as a device information.

Firmware Version DKSF 54.1.5 from 03.03.2015:

  • An energy saving function when powered from a battery is realized. Now it is possible to enable turning Ethernet ports off if a device is powered from a battery by checking a checkbox at the page «Setup» of a web interface;
  • A request of a humidity sensor status is realized by using HTTP API – /relhum.cgi. Now a humidity sensor status can be received by third-party software or scripts;
  • A branch «npRelHumidity» of a humidity sensor is added to a MIB-file, which allows to receive information via SNMP;
  • A variable «npGsmSendSms» is added into a MIB-file to send random SMS messages. A format is as follows: [phone_number,phone_number,...] Message, where phone_number is a destination number (up to four) in square brackets and Message is a text of a message (is separated from a destination number by a space);
  • Values of a variable «npRelayMode» are changed in a MIB-file to enable setting relay modes. The following modes are available: 0 – relay is off, 1 – relay is on, 2 – watchdog, 3 – schedule, 4 – schedule+watchdog, 5 – logic;
  • A reliability of a GSM modem operation is increased when initializing and sending SMS;
  • A feature of sending random SMS messages by SNMP SET command or a simple JavaScript code is realized;
  • Faulty notifications about a short-term status change of the Ethernet link were eliminated;
  • A warning about undesirability to downgrade a firmware version without a prior consult with a technical support is added.
    NetPing firmware downgrade

Firmware Version DKSF 54.1.4 from 25.02.2015:

  • Operability of a relay mode setting "Manual Off" and "Manual On" by HTTP API – /relay.cgi?r1=0, /relay.cgi?r1=1 is restored.

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