NetPing Issued an Update for DKSF 70.5.2 Firmware for the Device UniPing server solution v4/SMS

NetPing company announces issuing a new firmware update for a device for remote monitoring of server rooms UniPing server solution v4/SMS. This firmware version contains fixes of errors, introducing new functionality and updated layout of certain pages of a device web interface.

What has been changed in the latest versions?

DKSF 70.5.2 Firmware Version from 17.07.2015:

  • Supporting up to four 1-Wire sensors is added to control a supply 220V voltage quality for monitoring an actual voltage value, power supply frequency and short term failures (from half-cycle 50Hz) as well as overvoltage in the power supply (beta support);
  • Supporting up to four 1-Wire smoke sensors is added to monitor fire hazards in several rooms simultaneously;
  • Supporting up to four 1-Wire humidity sensors with separate notifications for a relative humidity and temperature is added;
  • SNMP TRAP v2 notifications are added that allow to generate individual snmpTrapOID on each event as well as a channel for humidity sensors and for 220 V power supply voltage quality sensors;

  • Supporting encoding UTF-8 is added to send random SMS notifications via SNMP protocol or HTTP API (/sendsms.cgi?utf8). This innovation is necessary to send random Cyrillic SMS notifications;
  • A device rebooting algorithm is redesigned. A possibility of a device to freeze when updating a firmware version is decreased (possible freezing when updating is safe for functioning of NetPing devices);
  • SMS notification from the module «Pinger» is updated. Now an address of the checked host is added into the text of an SMS notification;
  • A response to an SMS command for requesting the status of an IO line is updated: NETPING Ln? <community>, where n is a number of an IO line. Now a response conatins the information on the operation mode of an IO line: input (IN), output (OUT), logic output (OUT.L);
  • The next command HTTP API of the USSD request is added: /ussdstart.cgi?requestcode, where requestcode is a100x for instance, which means *100#. In the code of the USSD, a request «*» is replaced by «a», «#» is replaced by «x» (Latin symbols). This possibility allows to request a balance of the SIM card by HTTP API;
  • Supporting Cyrillic letters in SMS notifications from sensors, IO lines and a built-in relay is added. A length of any SMS notification is limited to 70 characters;
  • A module for sending e-mail notifications is improved. Now it supports the following:
    • working with SMTP servers without authorisation and without setting a username and a password in the settings of the module at the page «E-MAIL» of a device web interface;
    • working with SMTP servers, supporting authentication method AUTH LOGIN and AUTH PLAIN
  • All types of notifications from IO lines are added (Log, Syslog, SNMP TRAP, e-mail and SMS) in the mode «logic output»

NetPing company recommends updating a firmware version of the device UniPing server solution v4/SMS to the latest version. Updates are available at the official website in the section «Documents and Files». We hope that updating to the new firmware version will improve a quality and a reliability of the operation of a device for remote monitoring of server rooms.

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