NetPing Issued Firmware Update DKSF 48.4.8 for the Device NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS

NetPing company announces the issue of updated firmware version DKSF 48.4.8 for the device NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS. This firmware version contains error fixes, implementation of new features and improvements of the web interface design.

What has been changed in the latest version?

Firmware Version DKSF 48.4.8 from 25.05.2017

  • A list of GSM modems supported by the device was extended. In previous firmware versions, GSM modem MC55i has been supported. Now, the support of new GSM modems SIM800 and SIM5300E is added;
  • The operation of a GSM modem is enhanced when processing responses to USSD requests in networks of cell operators. In previous firmware version, in certain cases a GSM modem could reboot when getting an error in response to a USSD request;
  • Multiple reboots of a GSM modem when rebooting simultaneously with reading an SMS message from the memory of a GSM modem is eliminated.
  • Processing of SMS notifications with the code TP-OA Type = 0x81, which are sent from short numbers, such as, for example, notifications from cell operators, banks, etc. is implemented;
  • The support of the phone number format 0x91, which is used in certain countries, for example, in Taiwan, is implemented.
  • The operation of a GSM modem is enhanced within a low signal level and a high network load. In a previous firmware version, received SMS notifications were lost in these conditions;
  • On the page SMS of a device web interface, the data and time of the last error of a GSM modem are added:SMS. The last error of a GSM modem
  • A device reboot is eliminated when an overly long SMS notification that is sent through HTTP API is processed. Now the notification is cut off when displaying the text in the log file;
  • The support for 4 humidity sensors with separate notifications on humidity and temperature is added. In previous firmware versions, only 1 humidity sensor was supported:Relative humidity sensors. Configuration.
  • An error when saving the settings of relative humidity notifications notifications is eliminated. In the previous firmware version, notifications were displayed incorrectly after saving the settings of notifications:
    Relative humidity sensor. Configuring notifications.
  • Total e-mail reports about a status of a device are now sent in the HTML format with the table formatting;
  • The heading "MIME Version: 1.0" is added to the email notifications sent according to RFC 2045. This allows to provide a higher compatibility with different email servers when processing emails;
  • The information about a status of input reservation of controlled sockets is added to the total email reports;
  • An indication of a reservation status is improved on the page of a device web interface "220V Management":220V Management. Indication and configuration of a reservation.
  • An input memo is added to all records in the log file and e-mail notifications about changing a reservation status. In the previous firmware, an input memo was not indicated in all notifications;
  • For the convenient technical maintenance, firmware and hardware versions are displayed in headings of pages of a device web interface:
    Version of the software and hardware of the device.
  • The issue of manual sending of SMS notifications through the HTTP API or SNMP is fixed. In a previous firmware version, SMS notifications may not be sent if a number was not specified in square brackets "[] test". Now, such notification is sent to the number specified in a device web interface;
  • When sending a periodic e-mail report, the event is recorded in a log file;
  • Design improvements of a web interface;
  • Small bugfixes and enhancements that are not visible for a user

NetPing company recommends updating the firmware of the NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS device to the latest version. Updates are available at the official website of the company at the page of a device description in the section «Documentation and Files». We hope that updating to the new firmware version will enhance quality and reliability of a device operation.

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