NetPing Issued Firmware Update DKSF 70.6.4 DKSF 71.6.4 for Devices UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3

The company NetPing global Ltd. announces the issue of firmware updates for devices of remote monitoring of server rooms UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3. New firmware versions contain the implementation of new functionality and correction of errors.

What has been changed in the latest version?

Firmware Version DKSF 70.6.4 and DKSF 71.6.4 from 02.11.2016:

Innovations and error corrections that correspond to SMS notifications and periodic SMS reports, are included only in the version DKSF 70.6.4 for a device UniPing server solution v4/SMS, equipped with a built-in GSM modem.

  • Disappearing of a part of the latest events from a system log when resetting device parameters to default ones is eliminated;
  • English page «SMS» of a device web interface in the English firmware version is aligned with Russian one;
  • A name of a field «Time to send reports (format HH:MM, up to 10 sending, separated by the space)» is corrected on the page "E-MAIL" of a device web interface corresponding to its functionality. In previous firmware versions, a description of this parameter indicating sending reports up to 12 sending;
  • Using the characters «"», «:» is prohibited in a username and password;
  • Using non-ASCII characters (with the code more than 27) is prohibited in an SNMP Community;
  • Support of Cyrillic letters and certain special characters is implemented in a username and a password of a device web interface;
  • Support of encoding characters of Windows-1251 is improved. Now a web interface displays special characters, for example, «№» correctly;
  • The issue of losing access to a device via network when changing network settings of a device and saving a new configuration by buttons that do not relate to the section "Network configuration" at the page "SETUP" of a device web interface is eliminated;
  • English page of a web interface for 1-Wire smoke sensors in English firmware version is aligned with Russian page;
  • An error when saving a memo of a built-in relay by the button «Enter» at the page «RELAY MANAGEMENT» of a device web interface is eliminated. In previous firmware versions, such method of saving data resulted in not saving any data, an empty page was displayed;
  • Violating a format of Syslog notifications when using the longest hostname is eliminated;
  • Substitution of decrypted text values instead of numerical code from SNMP OID «npRelayMode» and «npRelayState», used in the text of configured notifications on the page «NOTIFICATIONS» of a device web interface is implemented;
  • Name of a field is corrected from «Test of SMS» to «URL» in a window of configuring random HTTP GET notifications on the page «NOTIFICATIONS» of a device web interface;
  • An obligatory field «MIME-Version: 1.0» is added to the heading of the e-mail notification. Without this field, several SMTP servers processed an e-mail notification incorrectly;
  • Operation of a web interface is now faster at slow and failing network channels

Company NetPing global Ltd recommends updating firmware of the devices UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3 to the latest version. Updates are available on the official website in the section «Documentation and files». We hope that updating to a new firmware version will increase quality and reliability of operation of devices for remote monitoring of server rooms.

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