NetPing Issued Firmware Update DKSF 70.6.6 DKSF 71.6.6 for UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3 Devices

NetPing east Co Ltd. announces the issue of firmware update for the devices for remote monitoring of server rooms UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3. New firmware versions for the devices contain implementation of new features and corrections of errors.

What have been changed in the latest version?

Firmware Version DKSF 70.6.6 and DKSF 71.6.6 from 24.01.2017:

Innovations and error corrections that are relied to SMS notifications and periodic SMS reports are included only to the version DKSF 70.6.6 for a UniPing server solution v4/SMS device, which is equipped with a built-in GSM modem.

  • Support of GSM modules SIM5300E and SIM800F is added;
  • A PDU format of phone numbers is supported that is used in certain countries of Asia and the Middle East, as well as included into newsletters from short numbers in the Russian Federation;
  • On the page «SCHEDULE» an NTP status is updated. Now if settings of a device do not have an NTP server address or DNS is unavailable, then a status «IP address of an NTP server is unknown» is displayed. In previous firmware versions, in this case the status «NTP server address is not specified» was mistakenly displayed;
  • Check-boxes are added to enable/disable random notifications that are configured by a user on the page «NOTIFICATIONS» of a web interface;
  • Now when a configuration is uploaded from a file, a log of a device displays the notification «Complete copy of settings is uploaded from a file through a web interface»;
  • A length of random SMS notifications is increased up to 511 characters (including destination phone numbers), which are sent through the HTTP API. In previous software versions, a length of such SMS notifications was limited to 255 characters;
  • A layout of a web page «ANLG SMOKE SENSOR» is restored. Now the page is displayed correctly;
  • A format of a textual SMS notification is changed, which is sent when clicking the button «Test SMS» on the page «SMS» of a device web interface. Now a standard prefix for SMS notifications is used in a notification, which contains a device name and a serial number of a notification;
  • An algorithm of repeated sending of SMS notifications when there are GSM errors «PS Busy» is improved. In certain situations it works out to deliver a notification due to several attempts of repeated sending with considerable pauses between the attempts;
  • To increase a stability of a GSM modem operation, a GSM modem watchdog timeout is increased. Now there is more time to complete sending SMS notifications, particularly the ones consisting of several fragments;
  • The execution of the HTTP API commands «/io.cgi?ioN=1» and «/io.cgi?ioN=0» (switching a logic level of an input-output line in the «output» mode) is updated. Now firmware checks the correctness of the entire channel number, not only the first digit after '=';
  • The uniqueness checkup for 1-Wire identifiers of humidity sensors is implemented. Now the same unique number of a 1-Wire sensor cannot be connected twice on the page «HUMIDITY» of a web interface;
  • Now when saving the settings in the module «SCHEDULE» they are enabled immediately, not within 1 minute, as in previous firmware versions

The company NetPing east Co Ltd. recommends updating firmware of the devices UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3 to the latest version. Updates are available at the official web site in the section «Documentation and Files». We hope that updating to the latest firmware version will increase the quality and reliability of the operation of devices for remote monitoring of server rooms.

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