NetPing Issued Firmware Updates DKSF 52.9.4 DKSF 202.9.4 for the Devices NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH NetPing 2/PWR-220 v4/SMS

NetPing global Ltd. company announces the issue of firmware updates for the devices NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH NetPing 2/PWR-220 v4/SMS. New firmware versions allowed to make working with the devices more stable and more functional.

So what has been changed in the latest versions?

Firmware Versions DKSF 52.9.4 DKSF 202.9.4 from 25.06.2016:

  • An error of incorrect forming a periodic e-mail report about a status of a sensor if no sensor is included into a report is eliminated. Now instead of a block of random characters, an empty report is sent with the text «- empty report -»;
  • A TCP client and a module for sending e-mail notifications are updated. As a result, a probability of faults in device while sending long e-mail notifications (reports) is decreased;
  • A driver for a serial data bus I2C is elaborated with the aim to improve the operation of temperature sensors in certain devices;
  • An issue of a timely loss of access to a device via a network is eliminated with saving a network configuration by the buttons that are not related to the section «Network configuration» on the page «SETUP» of a device web interface;
  • A device name is now displayed in the address of a source of e-mail notifications and periodic e-mail reports with the aim to identify a device while receiving notifications;
  • A corporate favicon is added to all pages of a device web interface (it is displayed in a browser in the tab before the name of a page);
    Favicon NetPing
  • Spontaneous device rebooting when getting a too long SMS notification, which caused overfilling of a buffer is eliminated;
  • Coding a time value of an uninterrupted device operation is fixed in SNMP packages (OID «sysUpTime») at big values that take 32 bits;
  • Sending Ethernet package of more than 1500 bites during saving the changes on the page "SETUP" of a device web interface is eliminated;
  • A mechanism of getting a too long USSD response to a command of requesting a balance of a SIM card is improved. Now a USSD response that did not completely fit a buffer of a device is cut in length and displayed. In previous firmware versions, such USSD responses have been simply rejected;
  • An event about sending a periodic e-mail report about a status of sensors, IO lines, and relays is added to a system log of a device;
  • Sending a command «Off» by the module «SNMP Setter» is excluded. It took place at the firmware start with the aim to install a remote object into a certain status;
  • English-language page of a web interface for a relay in English-language firmware version is aligned with a Russian-language page. Notifications (log, syslog, e-mail) from a relay are switched to the English language as well;
  • The operability of an SMS command «NETPING PnX <community>», which allows switching a relay to the management mode «Schedule+Watchdog» is restored;
  • Formatting and names of certain parameters of a periodic e-mail report about a status of sensors, IO lines, and relays;
  • For a convenient work of a technical support the information about a firmware version and a hardware version is added to headings of all pages of a device web interface;
  • In a MIB file of a current firmware version, a description of an SNMP OID variable «npRelayFlip» is updated: a description of a «read-only» access is corrected to «read-write»;
  • In a MIB file of a current firmware version, values of an SNMP OID variable «npRelHumSensorStatus» (humidity sensor status) are changed to correct ones;
  • In the rules of the module «Logic», an information source «AC PWR» is added for the presence of external power supply 220 V on the input/backup power supply from a battery.

NetPing global Ltd. company recommends updating the firmware of the devices NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH NetPing 2/PWR-220 v4/SMS to the latest version. Updates are available at the official site in the section «Documentation and files». Fixes of new firmware will allow increasing quality and convenience of working with the devices.

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