NetPing Issued New Humidity Sensor WS-2

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NetPing global Ltd. as a developer and a manufacturer of original equipment for monitoring and remote management via Internet network, announces a release of a new product – a relative air humidity sensor WS-2 for measuring a relative humidity in % with a built-in temperature sensor. WS-2 Humidity Sensor has got improved specifications compared to its predecessor, thus allowing to take readings of higher quality. It is made in the form of a board, installed into a plastic case, and a four-wire loop, which transmits an information about humidity and temperature in a digital form.

New WS-2 Humidity Sensor is compatible with the next devices to monitor server rooms and control a power supply remotely:

Main technical specifications of WS-2 Humidity Sensor:

  • Plastic case with slots;
  • A sensor is built on the basis of the chip HIH6031-021;
  • Humidity measurement range 0% ... 100%
  • Operating temperature range -40°C ... +100°C;
  • Accuracy of humidity measurement ±4,5%;
  • Accuracy of temperature measurement ±1°C;
  • One-piece wire 2 meters long.

This sensor is available to order from the manufacturer's website

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