NetPing Issued the Firmware Update DKSF 707.2.3 for the Device NetPing SMS

NetPing company announces updating the firmware of the device NetPing SMS. A new firmware version of a device allowed to do working with a device more functional and stable.

What has been changed in the last version?

Firmware Version DKSF 707.2.3 from 13.08.2015:

  • Substitution of an outside text to the end of the SMS message sent by HTTP API is eliminated;
  • Sending to phone numbers, specified at the page «SMS» of a device web interface is added to the algorithm of sending random SMS notifications sent by SNMP protocol (OID «npGsmSendSms») and HTTP API. Now it is possible to avoid indicating a list of phone numbers in square brackets in the heading of random SMS messages;
  • A format of a log line for random SMS messages is changed. Now when sending random SMS messages to several phone numbers simultaneously all numbers for sending are displayed in the events of the SMS log. Previously there was only one phone number displayed;
  • A translation was updated at the pages of a device web interface of English firmware;
  • Reading SNMP OID «npGsmSendSms» is implemented. Now SNMP OID «npGsmSendSms» returns an empty line when reading. Previously an error had been returned. This feature improves compatibility with certain SNMP monitoring systems;
  • A directory on NetPing MIB is updated, an OID branch «npSmoke» for 1-Wire smoke sensors is added;
  • Supporting UTF-8 encoding for sending random SMS messages by SNMP protocol or HTTP API (/sendsms.cgi?utf8) is added. This feature is necessary to send random SMS messages in Cyrillic. A maximum length of random SMS messages is limited to 70 characters both in Cyrillic and Latin letters;
  • A stability of initialization and operation of a GSM modem when switching on or restarting a device is improved;
  • Buffer overfilling is eliminated when entering a long password at the page «Setup» of a device web interface;
  • A service interface is opened for users to work with AT commands of an embedded GSM modem /at.html. Now it is possible to send commands to the modem and browse the result. AT commands are sometimes necessary to determine firmware versions of a modem, get an IMEI number, forced choice of a GSM range, etc.;
    Service interface for sending AT commands to the NetPing SMS modem
  • An error of a device web interface appearing when pressing the button «Enter» while setting up an internal clock (RTC) is fixed. Before, there appeared an empty web page while configuring

NetPing company recommends updating the firmware of the NetPing SMS device to the latest version. Updates are available at the official website at the page of a device description in the section «Documentation and files». We hope that increased functionality and fixes in the new firmware will allow to increase quality and comfort of work with the device.

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