NetPing Issued the Firmware Update DKSF 707.3.5 for a NetPing SMS Device

NetPing global Ltd. company announces the issue of an updated firmware version DKSF 707.3.5 for a NetPing SMS gateway. This firmware version contains error fixes, implementation of new features and a small update of a design of a device web interface.

So what have been changed in the latest version?

Firmware Version DKSF 707.3.5 from 11.10.2016:

  • Confusing phone numbers for outgoing SMS messages after overfilling of an outgoing queue when sending SMS through HTTP API interface is eliminated. Errors of sending SMS are displayed in the SMS log;
  • A possibility to request a result of sending SMS notifications when using HTTP API interface is added. Consequently, a response format of invoking /sendsms.cgi is complemented;
  • Correct receiving of SMS notifications with the code TP-OA Type = 0x81, coming from short phone numbers, for example, informational notifications from a bank, SMS-deliveries, etc.  is implemented;
  • Correct processing of snmpTrapOID elements, values of which exceed 32768 in trap rules → SMS on the page «TRAPS» of a device web interface in implemented. A limit of the size of OID elements is 31 bits;
  • Processing of incoming long (fragmented) SMS notifications longer than 70 characters is fixed. In a previous firmware version, incoming long SMS notifications might be displayed in a log file of a device as hieroglyphs;
  • Using space is allowed in short names of SNMP agents specified on the page «AGENTS» of a device web interface (however, using such names in a configuration is not recommended);
  • OID of a variable «npRelHumTrapDataSafeRangeLow» is corrected, which is contained in traps «npRelHumTrapAllChannels», «npRelHumTrapTempAllChannels» in references on the pages of a device web interface. In a previous firmware version, a variable «npRelHumTrapDataSafeRangeLow» returned a number of a channel of a humidity sensor instead of a bottom threshold of a normal humidity/temperature;
  • A substitution of a description of values of variables is fixed in the trap rules → SMS on the page «TRAPS» of a device web interface. Before, textual descriptions of variables might be cut after the fifth character;
  • Correct sending SMS notifications to default phone numbers (specified on the page «GSM SETUP») through HTTP API and SNMP is fixed. In a previous firmware version, random SMS messages were not set if in a text of a request destination numbers were not specified in the square brackets [];
  • SNMP OID variable «npGsmSendSmsWin1251» (. is added for sending SMS messages via SNMP protocol in Windows-1251 encoding, which eliminates a necessity to convert an SMS text into UTF-8 encoding in the scripts that are run in the Windows operation systems;
  • A counter operation that displayed the amount of available characters in SMS message on the page «SEND SMS» of a device web interface is corrected;
  • The page «GSM SETUP» of a web interface in English firmware version is aligned with the Russian page (firmware version DKSF 707.3.5.A-1);
  • A description of the variable «npRelHumSensorStatusH» is updated in the contents of the trap «npRelHumTrap» in a window for trap rules configuration → SMS on the page «TRAPS» of a device web interface

The company NetPing global Ltd. recommends updating the firmware of the gateway NetPing SMS to the latest version. Updates are available on the official website of the company at the page with a description of a device in the section «Documentation and Files». We hope that updating to the new firmware version will increase quality and reliability of a device operation.

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