How Quickly Can I Turn Off All Notifications From The Sensors During The Service Work In The Server Room?

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A remote sensor monitoring device UniPing server solution v4/SMS allows to organise an access monitoring system to a server room remotely on the basis of a motion sensor and a door opening sensor. What happens when the sensors are triggered: when a door is opened or a motion is indicated in a server room, a device UniPing server solution v4/SMS can instantly send SMS notifications to a technical staff. Thus, UniPing server solution v4/SMS provides additional security functions to server rooms and other rooms to prevent unauthorized access.

However, when planned maintenance is performed in a server room by a technical staff, such SMS notifications are unnecessary. Therefore, a device UniPing server solution v4/SMS has a mechanism of disabling all notifications through a web interface of a device. Disabling sending notifications about triggering sensors allows to avoid sending false notifications when it is unnecessary.

In this example, we will examine a process of disabling all notifications from sensors and IO lines.


To disable all notifications during a planned maintenance, there is a need to have:

Disabling Notifications

To disable notifications during a planned maintenance in a server room, there is a need to go to the page «Settings» of a device web interface UniPing server solution v4/SMS. In the area «Notifications», check a checkbox «Disable all notifications».

Disable all notifications - NetPing monitoring server room

After changing the settings, there is a need to save the parameters clicking the button «Apply changes».

In all pages of a web interface, an inscription will appear «Notifications disabled! Restore», which will be displayed until a technical specialist unchecks a checkbox «Disable all notifications». As a result of a current setting all notifications from sensors and IO lines will not be working.

Notifications disabled! Restore - NetPing monitoring server room

Using this feature, it is possible to easily enable and disable notifications on a device UniPing server solution v4/SMS if necessary.

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