NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH device discontinued, End of Life

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  • Created Date: 2020-04-09
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EOL notice

A NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH marked as EOL on our website.

We marked the device with EOL status on our website. After some time (usually after 1 month) we will mark the device as “Archive” and the device will become unavailable for purchase on our website.

For future projects, we recommend replacing this device with: NetPing 2 IP PDU ETH 53R14

NetPing 2 IP PDU ETH 53R14

An EOL (end of life) status means that this device is not going to be manufactured in the future, and we don't recommend using it in new projects. A device with an EOL status is sold from the stock. The availability of this device may be limited.

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