New devices NetPing 4 IP PDU GSM3G 64R701 and 64R702 sale started!

NetPing east Co Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of the original equipment for monitoring and remote power control via Ethernet/Internet, announces the sale of new devices NetPing 4 IP PDU GSM3G 64R701 and NetPing 4 IP PDU GSM3G 64R702.

These are devices for remote control of power outlets over an Ethernet/Internet network (IP PDU) with support for SMS control.

Specifications of NetPing 4 IP PDU GSM3G 64R701:

  • 4 controllable sockets (R-302SN(07), IEC320-C13, «Computer sockets»);

  • 2 x 10/100- BASE-TX Ethernet ports;

  • a built-in 3G GSM modem for SMS management and notification;

  • built-in ionistor for the operation of the warning system in the absence of 220 V;

  • ability to connect the battery module;

  • a metal body for installing into a 10' rack 1U or mounting on a flat surface;

  • external 1-wire sensors can be connected: temperature, humidity, supply voltage, analog sensor adapter;

  • 6 I/O lines for connecting external sensors of "dry contact" type;

  • operating temperature range: -30...50 °C (no condensation, normal humidity).

NetPing 4 IP PDU GSM3G 64R702 differs only in the power management channels — JT-G45-120-4P, Schuko sockets, Type F.
The devices are already available for order on our website.

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