NetPing issued new power distribution units NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 and NetPing 2 IP PDU ETH 53R14

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NetPing east Co Ltd, a developer and manufacturer of original equipment for monitoring the microclimate of server rooms and remote power control via Ethernet / Internet, announces the start of sales of new remote power distribution units NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 and NetPing 2 IP PDU ETH 53R14. 

New devices belong to the class of IP PDU (IP power distribution unit). These devices allow you to turn on, turn off and restart the server, network and other equipment remotely by controlling 100-250V sockets.

NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 speacialities  — the connection of microclimate control sensors and sensors of "dry contact" type, a built-in ionistor (supercapacitor) for sending notifications from sensors in case of power failure, a built-in 3G GSM modem for SMS notification and IP PDU control via SMS commands, as well as a connector for connecting external battery for continuous operation of  IP PDU.

NetPing 2 IP PDU ETH 53R14 also supports the connection of microclimate control sensors and sensors of a "dry contact" type and has a connector for connecting an external battery pack, which allows the device to work and send information about monitoring events in absence of main electric power, but it is not equipped with a built-in ionistor (supercapacitor) and a GSM modem.

You can find more information on the device pages:

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