NetPing Issued the Firmware Update DKSF 54.3.3 for a NetPing 4/PWR-220 v4/SMS Power Distribution Unit

NetPing company announces the issue of the updated firmware version DKSF 54.3.3 for a device for remote controlling power sockets NetPing 4/PWR-220 v4/SMS. This firmware version contains the implementation of the new functionality, error fixes and layout update for certain pages of a device web interface.

What has been changed in the last version?

Firmware Version DKSF 54.3.3 from 28.12.2017:

  • The issue of increasing the case of characters that have not been previously recognized as commands by a device in sms-messages is solved. Now such sms messages are sent for the further processing «as is», i.e. with no change in the case;
  • Displaying the NTP status is corrected on the page «Schedule» of a web interface. Now, when NTP servers are removed from a device configuration and the clock is set manually, a status «Time is set from RTC» is displayed;
    Displaying NTP Status
  • Incorrect UDH decoding with several tags that caused the failure of receiving SMS messages from short numbers is fixed;
  • The operation of a parameter «Limit of consequent resets» of «Watchdog» function is fixed. Now «Watchdog» reboots a device under control the number of times that is specified in the field «Limit of consequent requests»;
  • The operation algorithm of the hysteresis function is changed. Now hysteresis is not used to send notifications when restoring the operation of the sensor after the failure;
  • Periodic alerts when a specified threshold for temperature sensors is exceeded, are added. If readings of temperature sensors are not getting back to normal for a long time, a device sends three alerts with the interval specified by the user;
    Periodic alarm notifications
  • New SMS commands are added:
  • A command T? is added to request information about a status of all temperature sensors in a brief form;
  • A command RB20 reboots a NetPing 4/PWR-220 v4/SMS device
  • A note about a manufacturer "© 2017 Netping East Co Ltd, Alentis Electronics" is added to the page /at.html

NetPing company recommends updating firmware of the device NetPing 4/PWR-220 v4/SMS to the latest version. Updates are available form the official web site of the page with a device description in the section «Documentation and Files». We hope that updating to the new firmware version increases quality and reliability of the operation of a device.

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