NetPing Issued Firmware Update DKSF 48.5.3 for the NetPing 8/PWR-220 v3/SMS and NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS Rack PDUs

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The company NetPing east Co Ltd. announces the issue if firmware updates for the devices of remote power supply control NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS. New firmware versions contain new features and error fixes.

What has been changed in the latest version?

Firmware Version DKSF 48.5.3 from 30.10.2019:

New features:

  •  A feature is added that enables a user to switch on and off specific destination numbers for notifications using checkboxes. In addition, every number has got a memo.

NetPing 8PWR destination numbers for SMS notifications

  • UTF-8 in /sendsms.cgi is supported.
  • A feature of «customizable notifications» is added.

NetPing 8PWR adjustable notifications

  • SMS-commands are added: requests for the statuses of all connected temperature sensors («T?») and humidity sensors («H?»), switching on («P*+») and off («P*-») all sockets at once, rebooting a device «RB20».
  • A command HTTP API is added to request a balance of a SIM card («/ussdstart.cgi?requestcode», where requestcode - is a[code]x; receive a response to USSD - «/ussdread.cgi»).
  • A command HTTP API is added to request the status of all IO-lines («/io.cgi?io», a result will be displayed in the format «io_result('ok', 9, [1, 0, 0, 1])», where the second argument is a bitmask, and the third one is the list).
  • The operation of «Logic» is not blocking (anarchic). There are no more such conditions as «IF» and «WHILE» at the input and fixating events at the output (for example, WHILE TSTAT1 is above the specified T, keep it switched on PWR1). From now on, device peripherals (IO-lines, relays) can simultaneously receive controlling commands from «Logic» as well as any other sources of control (for example, manually, from «Watchdog», via SMS, using HTTP API, etc.).
  • The number of «Logic» rules is increased to 16.
  • A block «Termo (Hydro) Stat» is removed from the module «Logic». Now, this function may be implemented through the logic rules. This solution allows using the functions of «Termo (Hydro) Stat» for up to eight temperature and humidity sensors.

NetPing 8PWR timer counter in logic

  • A new element of logic is added — «Signal». This element is used to connect logic rules and customizable notifications. For example, using an output of the rule, it is possible to set the «Signal 1» and specify it in customizable notifications. That said, when implementing a logic rule, a device will send a notification customized by the user.

NetPing 8PWR signal in logic

  • A new element of logic is added — timer/counter. It allows implementing pauses, cyclic processes, macros, and checking the frequency of events.
  • A feature is added for redirecting SMS that have not been recognized as commands to log, syslog, via еmail and through SNMP TRAP.
  • A feature for customization of the auto-return interval for the main input is added.
  • MIB variables and SNMP TRAP statuses of power inputs and backup are added.
  • A feature of customizing square colors for a current logic level of an IO-line is implemented in a web interface that is going to positively impact a visual representation of a status of a device/sensor connected to the IO line.

NetPing 8PWR colors of indicator squares of an IO line

  • The number of the switch on/switch off intervals for a relay in the module «Schedule» is increased up to six. This allows setting a more detailed schedule for a relay during a 24-hour period.
  • Notifications about the initiation of the device reboot indicating the source of the reboot are added to the log.
  • A feature of configuring the setting of sending periodic reports is added on the basis of TRAP notifications.
  • A feature for setting repeated notifications from a temperature sensor is added (it is possible to repeat a notification three times with a specified period, date and time of the first notification are included). It is a kind of a reminder about the problems with the temperature at the object and is configured in the dialogue of setting notifications for each temperature sensor).

NetPing 8PWR repeated notifications of a temperature sensor

  • A feature of configuring notifications from relays, power inputs and the module «Watchdog» is added (Log, Syslog, Email, SMS, SNMP TRAP).
  • A notification about resetting parameters to default values is added to the log.
  • Backup and recovery of settings of the device are added.
  • A feature of setting the port for sending SNMP TRAP notifications is implemented.
  • A feature of setting half-hour and 45-minute time zones is implemented, which is going to allow using the monitoring devices NetPing/UniPing in countries with the current standard of coordinated universal time.
  • A notification daylight saving time or changing a timezone is added to the log of a device.

Details of how new features work can be learned from the documentation at NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS via the link:

Fixes and improvements:

  • An algorithm that determines the fact of leaving the safe range for the readings of temperature and humidity is updated.
  • A text of SMS notifications about the status of power inputs is changed.
  • The order of elements on the page «SMS» is changed. The field of specifying USSD-code of requesting a balance is moved to the section «BALANCE», a checkbox «Log the exchange with a GSM-modem» is moved to the section «GSM-MODEM TEST».
  • An IP-address or a DNS-name of the tested node are added in a response to the SMS command that requests the status of a pinger.
  • An algorithm of recovering a GSM-modem after its restart is improved.
  • An error of displaying a balance at a long USSD-response is fixed.
  • An error connected to the reboot of the GSM-modem when receiving long CUSD is fixed.
  • An error connected to the freeze and restart of the modem when the fragments of incoming SMS are lost is fixed.
  • «Limiting the number of consequent resets» of the module «Watchdog» (it was N+1 times, changed to N times) is fixed.
  • An error of running an HTTP OPTIONS request is fixed.

The company NetPing east Co Ltd. recommends updating the firmware of the devices NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS to the latest version. Updates are available at the official website at the section «Documentation and Files». We hope that updating to the latest firmware version will increase the quality and reliability of the operation of the remote power management devices.

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