NetPing Issued the Firware Update DKSF 707.3.8 for a NetPing SMS Gateway

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The NetPing east Co Ltd. company announces issuing the firmware update for the NetPing SMS gateway. New firmware versions for devices contain new features and error corrections.

What has been changed in the latest version?

Firmware Version DKSF 707.3.8 from 25.06.2019:

New features:

  • A GSM-module SIM800F is supported.
  • A feature to disable SMS-notifications to certain numbers for some time is added.
  • «White» number lists are implemented (allow all, allow some), which allows allowing to receive SMS-commands from certain numbers (checkboxes «Commands» on the page «SMS»), not from all phone numbers like in previous firmware versions. Before, an SMS-command was tested only using SNMP community, while now it is tested using the SNMP community and allowed phone number.

NetPing SMS white lists

  • A command to request a balance of a SIM card is added to the HTTP API — «». More details about this command can be learned in the documentation to the device.
  • A feature of limiting the sending of up to  ~120 SMS per day is implemented, which will allow using the NetPing SMS gateway as an SMS-gateway for any Internet portal with a big everyday SMS-traffic.
  • A feature of limiting the number of SMS sent per month is added that will help to get rid of probable spam caused by the incorrect setup, failures or too frequent emergencies.

NetPing SMS limiting SMS

  • If the error «+CME ERROR SIM not inserted» appears, the GSM-module is reloaded no more than 10 times.
  • A feature of processing SNMPv2c of the next types: «Integer», «named value Integer», «Counter32», «Gauge32», «Unsigned32», «Counter64», «IPAddress», «OctetString (as ASCII encoding)» is added. Now, variables of these types are processed correctly as a part of received TRAP-notifications. In addition, it is possible to consider the value of the variable of this type using an SMS command from other remote monitoring and management devices or devices of third-party manufacturers.
  • Now, SMS notifications that are sent when receiving TRAP-notifications are registered in the «SMS Log»
  •  An information notification is added to the log that an SMS cannot be sent based on receiving TRAP-notifications if there is no destination number for SMS specified in the web interface.
  • A feature of setting destination numbers for sending SMS is added when TRAP-notifications are received. The numbers may be added in the SMS text in the format «[+7xxxxxxxxxx] text».

NetPing SMS indicating the number in the text of SMS

Fixes, changes, alterations:

  • The impossibility to read the variable of the type «OCTET STRING» by SMS command is fixed.
  • An error in the text of the dialogue when configuring SMS-notifications when receiving SNMP TRAP is fixed. «Random TrapID» is corrected to «Random snmpTrapOID».
  • The use of spaces in short names of variables and host sources of TRAP-notifications is prohibited. Before, it caused incorrect processing of SMS-commands with such names.
  • An error of losing the access to the device from the network is fixed that appeared if an IP-address of a device was changed and saved using the button «Apply changes» that did not belong to the section «Network setup».
  • A lack of variables in the contents of the TRAP-notification «npCurLoopTrap» (analog smoke sensor, «current loop») in the configuration dialogue for setting SMS-notifications from TRAP-notifications is fixed.
  • An error causing damaged lines to appear in the log from time to time is fixed.
  • An error that sometimes caused the failing of receiving SMS from short numbers is fixed.
  • An error is fixed that caused the failure of the SMS sending if there was only an auxiliary phone number (without any main) in the web interface.

NetPing east Co Ltd. recommends updating the firmware of the NetPing SMS device to the latest version. Updates are available at the official website in the section «Downloads». We hope that upadting to the latest firmware version will enhance quality and reliability of the operation of the NetPing SMS gateway.

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