A new NetPing SMS device – GSM-gateway with SMS management of NetPing network equipment

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  • Created Date: 2014-05-23
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NetPing SMS is a device designed to control and manage NetPing equipment with a possibility to send and receive SMS messages for any device in a network.

One such device can join all equipment into a united system, status of which can be controlled with the help of this device, receiving responses about events from sensors and sending commands with necessary actions.

Main areas of using NetPing SMS are:

  • A necessity to receive readouts with the help of SMS commands from any sensor connected to other NetPing devices in the network;

  • Remote management of power supply sockets on other NetPing devices (turning on/turning off/ reloading). When any NetPing socket loses its functionality, you will be able to fulfill necessary actions promptly by sending an SMS command;

  • When a computer management is necessary, it is enough to send an SNMP Trap package to the IP address of a NetPing SMS, and SMS message will be sent according to a pre-configured template

The model is an independent device with a purpose to remotely control all network NetPing equipment with the help of SMS.

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