Receiving SMS Confirmation Codes to E-mail Using Zapier and NetPing SMS

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Today there are many services that require authorization with a confirmation code sent by SMS only for working with them. For a company, employees of which work remotely, an issue of receiving such SMS notification may be solved by redirecting it to the email of a group mailing list for company employees. To do this, there is a need to create a service e-mail account on a corporate mailing server or register it on one of popular free services.

Let's consider a simple case – interaction a NetPing SMS gateway and a service.


To implement this solution, there is a need to have:

  • NetPing SMS gateway with a pre-installed SIM card;

  • a configured sequence of actions (Zap) «Turn Webhooks Into Send Emails» in a Zapier platform;

Basic Configuration of NetPing SMS

Set a NetPing SMS device to the operating condition according to corresponding sections of a user guide and a firmware description:

  • insert a working SIM card with a positive balance in the jack of a built-in GSM modem;

  • configure necessary parameters for working in the Ethernet network

Zapier Configuration

To use a Zapier platform, there is a need to register an account. To do this, for example, if you want to get a complete free trial access to features of the platform for 14 days, there is a need to click the button «SING UP FOR FREE»:


And fill in a standard registration form:

A standard signup form on zapier

After the registration, you get an access to features of Zapier with a multiple support of different applications for creating automation rules. To configure Zapier for our described task, there is a need to click the button «MAKE A ZAP!» that is located at the top of a service web interface:

The button make a zap

In the window for creating an action sequence (Zap) that appears, it is necessary to enter the text «Webhook» in the field «Choose a Trigger App» and choose the point «Webhooks by Zapier» from a drop-down list:

Webhooks by Zapier

Then, choose «Turn Webhooks Into Send Emails» under the title «Popular Zaps For Webhooks by Zapier» by clicking the button «Use this Zap»:

Click the button Use this Zap

Then, click the button «Create this Zap» on the next page:

Click the button Create this Zap

The next step is to click the button «Continue»:

Click the button Continue

Then, click the button «Continue» one more time:

Clicking the button Continue once more

Here, the first step of configuring a Zapier service ends and a service provides a link that needs to be copied by clicking the button «Copy to clipboard»:

Copy the link by clicking the button Copy to clipboard

After having copied an induced URL, open a web interface of a NetPing SMS device and go to the section «WEBHOOK», where paste the URL obtained from the Zapier web site in a field «The called URL» and click the button «Apply changes», as shown on a screenshot below:

Configuring Webhook in NetPing SMS

Then let's continue to the final step of configuring e-mail notifications:

To send webhook requests from NetPing SMS, there is a need to indicate an address of a translation server: Otherwise, webhook requests will not be sent.

Then, let's return to a Zapier web site and test a work of our webhook by clicking the button «OK, I did this» and thus sending a textual SMS notification to the phone number of a SIM card, which is installed in a NetPing SMS gateway:

Testing webhook zapier

Afterwards, there is a need to send a textual SMS notification to a NetPing SMS device, and if everything was configured properly, we will see the next message on the page of a Zapier service:

Test has been successfully completed

Let's go to the final step of configuring e-mail notifications:

Configuring a letter from zapier

An example of a configuration is on a screenshot below:

Configuring a template of our letter

where: – is a parameter that is responsible for showing a phone number from which an SMS was sent

FullWebhookMessage – is a text of an SMS notification

UPTime – is the uptime of a NetPing SMS device

Now, there is a need to enter a name of our Zap, for example, «SMS to E-mail», and activate Zap by switching a checkbox to the «ON» position and clicking the button «Finish»:

Completion of creating zapResult

As a result of described configurations, we will get the next outcome:

1. When a NetPing SMS device receives an SMS notification, the next events happen:

NetPing SMS Incoming Message

2. An e-mail notification is sent to the email address indicated in the settings of Zapier:

Incoming e-mail from zapier

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