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NetPing Relay R1 Mini IP PDU - A full-fledged compact power distribution unit (IP PDU) for 1 managed Ethernet outlet is designed to control telecommunications and server equipment in server rooms, data centers, local and remote wiring boxes and cabinets, warehouses, as well as household equipment in residential premises.

NetPing east Co Ltd., a developer and manufacturer of the original equipment for monitoring and remote power control via Ethernet/Internet, announces the sale of a new device NetPing Relay R1 Mini IP PDU.

Mini Remote Power Distribution Unit (IP PDU) Over Ethernet:

  • does not require clouds and external servers to work;

  • Operating temperature range: -30C .. +50С (without moisture condensation, normal air humidity);

  • Power consumption: 4 W;

  • Switching load power: 1 kW;

  • A number of independent power control channels: 1;

  • Ease of installation due to minimal space;

  • A swtiching element type: a mechanical relay;

  • A number of power channel switchings during the operation: no more than 9000 when the load cosF=1;

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