Horror in a Server Room or What to Never Do

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Microclimate monitoring of a server room, conditioner rotation system and other beautiful words set neither us nor you from maintaining a basic order in a server room. There is a chance to be a perfectionist and put each cable close to another one, or it is possible to scatter totally unnecessary stuff all over the server room and forget what labeling is and let it be. In this article, it will be discussed what a server room should never look like. Here, you will not see any horror pictures in a server room, when braided wires come down from the walls and wrap crooked racks with an ugly net. The article will discuss a pretty regular server room in a pretty usual company.

Order in a Server Room

Trash can in the server room

There is no need to settle a trash can in a server room. Even if it is a timely solution, it is unnecessary because nothing is more permanent than a temporary solution. A smarter way is to take everything away and tidy up right after the works are done. Servers and other equipment do not like dust and trash.

Crushed brick remains on the floor in the server room

Crushed brick and all other waste products of using perforators should be removed in a timely manner. Otherwise, these remains will be all over the corners with time and will be finally scattered over the entire floor.

Broken chair in a server room

There is no space in a server room for broken furniture. A server room is not a storehouse, and it is simply dangerous. After sitting on such chair next to the console, you can easily fall down, hooking the half of the rack and pulling it down with you. However, you will discover new meanings of such expressions as "the server is down" and "the network is down".

Few Words about the Equipment Installation

Incorrect installation of equipment in a server room

Here is a gateway for sending SMS notifications NetPing SMS. The idea to use a patchcord as the only fastener is a bad idea as soon as everything is going to fall sometime for sure.

Wire chaos in a server room

Wires and ties are not so bad. However, sooner or later there is a chance to get confused about what is plugged where.

TS-1 temperature sensor in a server room

It is also not a good idea to "install" a temperature sensor in between racks in a hanging position (practically, it is not fastened and often falls on the floor, as long as a loop length allows this) because the accurateness of readings is questioned this way.

NetPing example of a failed mounting into a rack

According to the height of the equipment over the shelf level, it is possible to determine how long ago it was mounted. If a manufacturer provided for mounting into the rack, then you shouldn't put one onto another (especially if some air vents are placed on the top or bottom lid). NetPing 8/PWR-220 v4/SMS is simply put onto a rack. Also, one careless movement is enough for the entire construction to fall down on the floor with all the consequences.

A little below, there is UniPing server solution v4/SMS, and a whole depository of video recorders, power units, and wires under it. The sooner the better it should require applying all skills of cable management at this place.

Cable mess in a server room

Somewhere above, there is a nest of a network spider. Each time, when there is a need to understand what is plugged where, one should manually trace the wire in this bundle. For power cords, the order is the same necessary.

Old UPS in the server room

Old UPS that lost its face part. It is old, not useless.


Monitoring in a server room is organized perfectly. Notifications are received (including SMS), there is a feature of the remote reboot of any equipment. However, the order is not maintained well. Many solutions in installation and cable management were used as temporary ones (but in fact they are permanent). On the Internet, it is possible to find the pictures with the much worse mess, but these are special cases. At the same time, we are talking about a totally ordinary server room in a completely ordinary company, where the equipment is installed in this way and operates in this way for years and even decades. Overall, there is nothing horrible in this, but it is just not appropriate. Monitoring is not enough, so tidy up your server rooms.

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