NetPing Mini-UPS - a new device of an uninterruptible power

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NetPing Global Ltd. company announces starting the sales of a new device of uninterruptible power supply - NetPing Mini-UPS

NetPing Mini-UPS - a new device of an uninterruptible power on the Russian Federation market

For several years of work company's specialists have accumulated a vast experience in electronic devices development and manufacturing. Today NetPing Global Ltd. can represent a wide range of original equipment, which areas of use are:

  • A remote monitoring of an environment, where a telecommunication equipment works (temperature, humidity, air flow, vibrations, external factors)
  • A remote control and monitoring of a physical access to racks and closets with an equipment as well as to server rooms
  • A remote monitoring and management of a telecommunication equipment power supply 
  • A remote management of climate control devices (server rooms, racks with equipment, remote unattended nodes)

NetPing Mini-UPS is necessary for uninterruptible power supply of a devices with a 5 V voltage (up to 1 A) or a 12 V voltage (up to 0.4 A). A built-in battery provides an uninterrupted load operation when an external power disappears. A key feature of this device is its high efficiency, due to the lack of voltage transformation from/in 220 V. There is 12 V on a device input, and 12 V / 5 V on a device output.

NetPing Mini-UPS can be used in the following situations:

  1. Problems with a permanent power supply of a router, a switch or an access point. In this case it is not reasonable to install a big uninterruptible power supple (UPS) device on 220 V, because it is expensive and takes much space. In this case a little uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device, such as NetPing Mini-UPS, will fulfill this task perfectly.
  2. Sometimes a video surveillance fails because of a temporary lack of electricity. There is no point in installing a big UPS device for each video camera. On the other hand, having a small UPS device is just right. It prevents missing the important moments for which a video camera has been installed. 
  3. An alarm system as well as electronic locks need a constant uninterruptible power supply, therefore in some cases a new NetPing Mini-UPS device is indispensable.
  4. Well, at last, a new NetPing Mini-UPS device is an awesome addition to a well-known monitoring equipment from NetPing Global Ltd. company. You don't have to be an expert to understand that temperature monitoring must be constant and uninterrupted in crucially important rooms. That is why an issue of an uninterruptible power for all sensors and controllers has always been urgent. Now a small uninterruptible power supply device NetPing Mini-UPS helps to solve this issue. It can be connected to: UniPing v3, UniPing server solution v4/SMS, UniPing server solution v3 as well as it can be used together with Splitter POE 12V IEEE802.3af, which allows to provide an external device with a POE power and a backup battery!

Those of you, who know and understand how grievous the consequences of an electricity cutoff can be in a particular situation, are welcome to become familiar with a device NetPing Mini-UPS in more details on a manufacturer's web site.

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