New light sensor 813S2 has been added to website

The NetPing Light Sensor 813S2 is a compact luminous flux presence sensor designed to connect with NetPing devices. This sensor can monitor the sudden emerging of artificial lighting in guarded objects, as well as back up an operation of a door sensor.

NetPing east Co Ltd.
, a developer and manufacturer of the original equipment for monitoring and remote power control via Ethernet/Internet, announces the sale of a new device NetPing Light Sensor 813S2.

Specifications of NetPing Light Sensor 813S2:

  • Threshold adjustment 10–7000 Lx;

  • An adjustment step 10–300 Lx;

  • A viewing angle 25–30°;

  • Hysteresis 20%;

  • Sensor triggering/release time from 1 s up to 20 s;

  • An output type NPN, an open drain/dry contact connected to an IO-line of a NetPing device;

  • An operating temperature range -30...+50°С without moisture condensation.

NetPing Light Sensor 813S2 is available for order on our website.

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