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NetPing IRC-TR v2


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NetPing IRC-TR v2

An IR module for devices remote control via TCP/IP network (web, SNMP) with an IR interface. It is not an independent device and it must be connected to a basic NetPing device!

  • Is trained from an original remote control;
  • Reproduces up to 16 IR commands, saved in a memory of a module;
  • Cable length to a basic device is up to 10m;
  • A body of a device is in a form of a dome camera.

IRC-TR v2 is a module for a remote management of devices with an infrared (IR) interface through a TCP/IP (web, SNMP) network. A device, which is managed by an infrared remote control (TV sets, air-conditioners, music equipment and many others), with the help of IRC-TR v2, can receive control commands from an Internet/Ethernet  network. For example, it is possible to manage turning on and turning off an air-conditioner in a server room via a web-interface from any point of the world using an Internet network.

Attention! IRC-TRv2 is not an independent device, it must be connected to UniPing/NetPing devices!

Possible area of use of an IRC-TR v2  module:

  • Remote management (web, SNMP) of climatic equipment (air-conditioners). At the same time UniPing/Netping devices can manage an IRC-TR v2 module in an automatic mode, for example, by exceeding a temperature limit indoors;
  • Internet management of audio and video equipment, presentation (a projector) and other equipment;
  • Using for management of equipment included into a "smart home".

Before starting to work there is a need to teach an IRC-TR v2 module IR commands from an equipment management original remote control. A module can save up to 16 IR commands in a native nonvolatile memory. Moreover, these commands can be remembered from different remote controls. After teaching, each command of the saved ones can be reproduced a necessary amount of times through a web-interface or by an SNMP command. 

Attention! It is impossible to guarantee that IRC-TR v2 will be able to work with any equipment that is managed via an IR remote control. Certain encodings of IR commands are complicated enough or they can be specifically protected from external devices scanning!

A work distance of an IRC-TR v2 module is usually 3-7 m from an IR receiver of a controlled device. Because of the fact that different equipment operates at a different frequency carrying IR commands, IRC-TR v2 can have less coverage than on original remote control!

A cable length from an IRC-TR v2 module to a basic device must not exceed 10 m!

Attention! A description of connecting of an IRC-TR v2 module to a basic device is given in a User Guide of a basic device, to which an IRC-TR v2 is connected. A description of how to configure an IRC-TR v2 module through a web-interface of a basic device, you will find in a description document of a firmware of a basic device.

Device dimenstions 100 x 100 x 75
Thermal range 0C..40C
Weight 157 g.
Device suit Device, box
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