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NetPing SMS


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NetPing SMS

A gateway for sending and receiving SMS commands for NetPing devices. Allows sending SMS notifications and executing SMS commands, transmitted over an Ethernet/Internet network from any number of NetPing devices.

  • 1 х 10/100- BASE-TX Ethernet port;
  • Connecting to WiFi network (with the help of VAP11N);
  • A compact plastic body;
  • A built-in GSM modem;
  • An external GSM antenna included into a shipping kit;
  • POE powering (power over Ethernet) with the help of the splitter POE 12V.
  • Backup uninterruptable power with the help of NetPing Mini-UPS.

NetPing SMS is an independent network device that performs functions of an SMS gate. Those NetPing devices, which do not have a built-in GSM modem, can send SMS messages about sensors operation with the help of NetPing SMS (for example, get SMS notifications about an excessive temperature on a sensor, connected to a UniPing v3 device). Also, NetPing SMS can manage NetPing devices with the help of SMS messages (for example, turn on/urn off/ reload a power supply socket of a NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH device with the help of an SMS command). At the same time, one NetPing SMS can provide SMS interface for any number of NetPing devices, connected to an Ethernet/Internet network.

NetPing devices transfer the information about sensors operation with the help of SNMP TRAP packages via Ethernet/Internet network to the address NetPing SMS. After receiving such an SNMP package, a NetPing SMS sends an SMS-message to a specified cell phone number. Moreover, NetPing SMS can execute SMS- commands. A received SMS-message with a command is turned into an SNMP SET package and sent to a NetPing device via Ethernet/Internet network.  

NetPing SMS can be used with any devices, sending SNMP TRAP packages, and to manage any devices, supporting SNMP management.


Usually NetPing SMS Is Used:

  • To receive SMS notifications about the events on sensors from a group of NetPing devices, connected to the same Ethernet/Internet network;
  • To execute SMS commands for any NetPing device, located in the same Ethernet/Internet network with NetPing SMS;
  • As a hardware SMS gate for sending SMS notifications form a computer using monitoring software PRTG Network monitor, Zabbix and similar;
  • As a hardware SMS gate for managing any equipment that supports an SNMP protocol (for example, turning on/turning off ports on a controlled Ethernet switch)

Adjustment of SMS Templates and Commands:

Adjustable Parameters Names and Adjustable Names of Parameter Values

For each sensor, it is possible to configure its name, and replace a value of a sensor by its interpretation. For example, a door opening sensor, which is connected to an IO4 line of a UniPing v3 device, can be set to "a server room door" as "opened", value "0" as "closed". When a sensor is triggered, a user will receive an understandable and easy to read message: "A door to a server room is changed to a status opened". 

SNMP OID Templates for NetPing Devices

When configuring a device, numeric OIDs are very inconvenient to enter and remember. Therefore a device has an embedded vocabulary of OID values for NetPing devices. This helps to select OID by their names, not by numeric values, which is much more convenient.

Usability, Easy Integration into Existing Systems, Reliability:

Works 24 hours/ 7 Days a Week, with No Hang-ups

A device is designed for an uninterrupted operation in an unattended room in 24/7 mode. A built-in power supply supervisor protects a device from hang-ups when there are voltage fluctuations. We do not use operating systems when developing software. The entire code is written by us on a C language completely, and the code is highly optimized for the provided functionality.


An Embedded Web Server

A device is managed and configured through a browser. Specific software is not needed. Operates in any OS (Windows, Linux, Mac). 

Connecting to an Ethernet Network, a Static IP Address 

A device is connected to a common office Ethernet network, into any available port of an Ethernet switch. Having published an IP address of a device in the Internet, it is possible to manage device sockets from anywhere in the world.


Authorization and Access Restriction

An access to a web interface of a device is protected with a login and password, set by a user. There is a need to authorize to get to a web interface of a device. Besides, it is possible to restrict an access to a device, having left an access from a specified IP subnetwork only. 

SNMP Support

An SNMP protocol is widely used in data collection systems for network equipment. A device supports management commands as well as receives information from sensors via an SNMP protocol. A device is easily integrated with network monitoring systems, such as Zabbix,  PRTG Network Monitor and similar ones, which receive data on a status of sensors, connected to a device through an SNMP protocol. 

Syslog Support

This protocol together with dedicated server software can be used for collecting text log files of different devices operation in a network, including Netping devices. This can be very useful for collecting and analyzing statistics. 

Firmware Update

A device supports updating firmware through a web-interface of a device. We occasionally release updates for firmware. The updates are free of charge. 

Nonvolatile Log File

All events (turning devices on and off, information from sensors) are stored in a nonvolatile memory. The information is stored even when a power supply cuts off. 

Even More Possibilities When Using Extra Devices with a NetPing SMS:

Connecting a Device to an Existing WiFi Network

If there is no Ethernet network in a place of a device installation, but there is a WiFi network, it is possible to connect a device to a WiFi network with the help of a VAP11N module (optional purchase). This allows avoiding a necessity to lay a wired Ethernet network to a place of a device installation. You can simply use an existing wireless infrastructure.

Uninterrupted Power Supply with NetPing Mini-UPS:

In a normal mode a device is powered from a 220 V network through a12 V adapter, but in case of switching off a power supply a device may need to continue its operation. It can be important for transmitting critical notifications about sensors triggering and transferring a notification about a power supply cutoff (together with a 220 V occurrence sensor). A dedicated device NetPing Mini-UPS with a built-in battery allows providing a backup power supply for the time of a main electricity source shutdown.



Power plug External power adapter 12V
Device dimenstions 130 x 85 x 25
Device suit Device, power adapte 12 V 0.5 A, GSM antenna, screwdriver, zip package, memo, box
Pack box dimenstions 225 х 90 х 80
Power voltage 12V DC
Thermal range 0C .. 40C
Weight 439 g.
Own power consuption 5 W
Static IP and MAC Yes
Firmware update Yes
Ethernet port 1 x 10/100BASE-TX
Fanless solution Yes
Internal battery for notifications No
Get time from NTP Yes
Internal log Yes
SMS notifications Yes
SNMP control Yes, SNMP v1
SNMP trap Yes, SNMP v1
Syslog support Yes
Telnet No
Email notifications No
SMS commands Yes
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