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An Ethernet switch with 4 ports 10/100 BASE-TX. Supporting POE (power supply via an Ethernet cable) 

  • 4 Х 10/100 BASE-TX Ethernet ports
  • Device powering via POE or from an external power supply 12..48 V adapter 
  • 3 Ethernet ports can provide POE powering to external devices!
  • A compact plastic body looking like an add-on computer socket
  • A possibility to pass POE power supply through a chain of NP-SM4 devices!

NetPing NP-SM4 is an Ethernet switch for 4 ports, designed in compact and convenient body of a wall computer socket. A peculiarity of this switch are its compact size and POE technology support for powering a switch itself and connected devices as well.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology of sending data and electric power through a standard twisted pair in an Ethernet network. For example, if your video camera supports PoE,it is enough to connect an Ethernet cable to plug it in, and there is no need to plug it to a 220 V network, as a camera will power through an Ethernet network. The technology is widely used in IP telephony, wireless networks access points, IP cameras, network hubs, IP weather stations. Using POE power supply can be critically important when connecting a separate power supply is undesirable or impossible. For example, in the installation place there is no external power outlet or an external power supply is unstable. 

A switch NP-SM4 can get a power supply by a POE technology. I.e. just connecting NP-SM4 to an Ethernet network is sufficient and no other additional power supply for a switch is needed. Besides, there is a possibility to plug an external power supply adapter to NP-SM4, for those cases when a network does not support a POE standard.

A body of a device, looking like an add-on computer socket, is one of unique features of a deviceIt is mounted in the same way as an ordinary computer socket for connecting to a work place network and/or VoIp phones, and at the same time it contains a full Ethernet switch, which allows connecting new workplaces by just plugging a NP-SM4 into any available Ethernet slot!

NP-SM4 as a Power Supply Unit (POE Injector) on 3 Ports

If an external power supply adapter is connected to a NP-SM4, a NP-SM4 can be a POE injector in a network, i.e. add a power supply to an Ethernet cable. In such mode 3 ports of a NP-SM4 switch can POE power 3 external devices! For example, it is possible to POE power 3 external IP cameras or several VoIP phones

NP-SM4 as a Basis for Building an Ethernet Network of a Random Configuration

NP-SM4 can provide a POE power supply to connected devices, including the same NP-SM4 switches, included after itThis peculiarity allows building a full randomly configured Ethernet network on a basis of NP-SM4, adding additional NP-SM4 devices for its branching in necessary places with no external power supply units connected.


For What NP-SM4 Is Best to Use? 

  1. For Ethernet connection and simultaneous POE power supply of external network devices (Ethernet), such as Voip phones, WiFi access points, IP video cameras, Ethernet switches and routers. Unlike common POE injectors, which usually provide a power supply to only one POE device, NP-SM4 can provide a POE power supply to 3 external devices, having a compact size and the lowest price.
  2. As a basis for building Ethernet networks. Due to a unique body of a NP-SM4 switch, which looks like an add-on computer socket and has a possibility to join NP-SM4 into a network, using any available Ethernet port, there comes a possibility to build a decentralized Ethernet network, i.e. connect workplaces when needed with no need to reserve available ports in a central switch initially. It is possible to wire a new workplace from the nearest NP-SM4, not necessarily from a central one. Usually an Ethernet network is built using a star topology with a central switch, from which an Ethernet is wired to each workplace, Voip phone or an access point. For a network basing on NP-SM4, it is possible to get a considerable saving in costs of deployment, by reducing the number of required wires, both in initial network installation and in its expanding and changing. This profit is the more considerable as the links to workplaces are longer, and Ethernet wiring is more expensive for an organization.
  3. If there is a need to lengthen an Ethernet link more than 100 m. According to an Ethernet standard, there should be no more than 100 m of cable between 2 Ethernet network ports. If there is a need to wire bigger distance, it is enough to install NP-SM4 each 100 m. At the same time, an ability of NP-SM4 to be powered via POE technology as well as power the next NP-SM4, allows to do without external power supply for these intermediate nodes!

Device dimenstions 78 x 60 x 30
Device suit Device, jumpers 2.54 mm. 6 pcs., zip package, memo, packing
Pack box dimenstions 78 x 60 x 30
POE power 1 port POE + 3 ports injectors POE, IEEE 802.3 at (30 Watts per port)
Power plug DJK-02 2.1 mm
Power voltage 11V..56V DC
Thermal range 0C..45C
Weight 73 g.
Own power consuption 2.5 W
Ethernet port 4 х 10/100 BASE-TX
Fanless solution Yes
Switch level level 2
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Power adaptor 48V 1.5A


Power adaptor 48V 1.5A
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