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Smoke detector (mod. M206-5E)


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Smoke detector (mod. M206-5E)

A smoke sensor is designed to reveal a fire indoors, that is accompanied by a smoke. It can be plugged to Uniping devices.

  • Dome construction of a body to be mounted on a ceiling
  • 2-wire flat cable through which a power supply of a sensor is provided
  • Information about trigerring by changing internal resistance of a sensor


Smoke sensor ИП212-141 is designed for revealing fires indoors that are accompanied by smoke. A sensor registers an optical radiation reflected from smoke fractions and transmits the information to a Uniping device. 

A sensor sends an alarm signal as a discrete reduction of an announcer's internal resistance in straight polarity.

A sensor is connected to a Uniping device with the help of 2 wires, by which a power supply is transmitted as well. In a UniPing device a sensor is displayed at a tab "Current Sensor".

Information about a sensor plugin is in the document "User Guide" for a device, to which you connect a sensor. Information about configuring a sensor and its functionality is in the document "Firmware Description" for a device, to which you connect a sensor.

It is possible to plug only one smoke sensor to one Uniping device. Several sensors can be connected in parallel to each other, but for a device they will look like one sensor and it will not be possible to define, which sensor would have been triggered.

When checking a sensor for a triggering imitation, lower a sharp object into a hole in a dome of a sensor.

A sensor is packaged with an inseparable cable, with connectors on the ends. A cable length can be increased with the help of flat cable extenders of RC-4 sensor, which are sequentially plugged one into another. Or it can be done independently with the help of any wire with a minimum cross section of 0,4 mm2. Maximum allowable length of a flat cable is 100 m.


Device dimenstions 90 x 90 x 50
Sensor cord length 2 m.
Weight 85 g.
Thermal range -45C..55C
Device suit Sensor with modified cable, zip package
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