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Splitter POE 12V IEEE802.3af


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Splitter POE 12V IEEE802.3af

A splitter of the POE IEEE 802.3af. standard allows any external device to receive 12V power from the Ethernet network that supports POE power transfer standard.

  • Supporting POE IEEE 802.3af standard;
  • Output voltage is 12V;
  • Maximum output current is 1А.



РОЕ technology works to supply power and transfer data via one Ethernet cable to an Ethernet device for the distance up to 100 meters. Usually, two devices are used: the first one is injector that transfers power and data via one Ethernet cable to the second device, which is a splitter, located on the receiving end of the wires. It separates data and power back into two cables to transfer them directly to a plugged in Ethernet device. It allows to install NetPing devices, such as, for example, NetPing IO v2, in the convenient place for you, regardless the availability of a free socket. 

Ethernet network that supports POE power is connected to the jack on the case of the splitter. An Ethernet cable with a plug, which comes out of a splitter, is connected to a socket on a Netping device. A power supply cable, which comes out of a case of a splitter, is connected to a power supply input of a Netping device.

POE splitter provides separation of data and power in the Ethernet network that supports POE standard, transferring power both on informational and unused pairs. An outgoing voltage for feeding external devices is set to 12V. A total power consumption is no more than 12Watts.

It is possible to use the devices NP-SM4Injector POE 802.3af, manufactured by us, as injectors.


PoE (Power over Ethernet) is a technology of sending data and electric power through a standard twisted pair in an Ethernet network. For example, if your video camera supports PoE,it is enough to connect an Ethernet cable to plug it in, and there is no need to plug it to a 220 V network, as a camera will power through an Ethernet network. The technology is widely used in IP telephony, wireless network access points, IP cameras, network hubs, IP weather stationsUsing POE power supply can be critically important when connecting a separate power supply is undesirable or impossible. For example, in the installation place there is no external power outlet or an external power supply is unstable. 

You can read more detailed information about a POE technology here: Power over Ethernet — Википедия


Device dimenstions 85 x 30 x 25
Thermal range 0C..40C
Weight 62 g.
Device suit Splitter, packing
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