NetPing Issued Firmware Updates DKSF 70.4.7 DKSF 71.4.7 for Devices UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3

The company NetPing global Ltd. announces an issue of firmware updates for devices for a remote monitoring of server rooms UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3. New firmware versions allowed to make an operation of devices even more convenient, stable and functional.

So what have been changed in the last versions?

Firmware Version DKSF 70.4.7 DKSF 71.4.7 from 18.06.2015:

  • Incorrect adjustment and operation of notifications about a status of a built-in relay discovered in a previous firmware DKSF 70.4.6 was fixed;
  • SNMP Setter at the page «Logic» of a device web interface was improved. Now a status of an SNMP Setter displays a response to a sent SNMP request correctly;
  • Operability of an SMS command «NETPING Kn <community>», which allows to send a command from the phone through an IR extension module IRC-TRv2 for remote controlling a devices with infrared (IR) interface is restored;
  • Operability of an SMS command «NETPING N? <community>» to request a pinger status at the page «SMS» is restored. Now a command restores an actual status;
  • Buffer overflow when entering a maximum possible amount of characters into the field «Name of a device» and «Location of a device» at the page «Setup» of a device web interface is fixed;
  • A text of an SMS notification from a current sensor (smoke sensor) is updated. Now the entire notification text totally fits in one SMS message;
  • In the window «Notification for Current Loop Sensor» of a device web interface, a description of notification configuration from a smoke sensor is changed, and a lack of a power supply is considered denial;
    Notification for Current Loop Sensor
  • HTTP API commands are updated: a command «HTTP API /io.cgi?io1=2» is eliminated. Now, when the indicated command is used, the next response is returned: «io_result('error')»

Firmware Version DKSF 70.4.6 DKSF 71.4.6 from 03.06.2015:

  • A length of a username and a password is limited in access restrictions of a device web interface;
  • Errors that appear because of including special characters into text data, such as comments to IO lines, sensors and relays are fixed;
  • An error of a device web interface, which appeared before while clicking the button «Enter» in the process of configuration of an internal clock (RTC), is fixed. Before, an empty web page appeared in the process of a time configuration;
  • URL-encoded commands (HTTP API) for IO lines were changed:
    1. Controlling an operation mode of an IO line (the number of a line is specified before &):
      where: 0 is input; 1 is output with a manual management; 2 is a logic output
    2. Setting a logic level to a specified value at an output (when working in the mode «1»):
    3. Switching a logic level at an output (when working in the mode «1»):
    4. Requesting a status of an IO line and a pulse counter:
  • Operability of the setting «Disable all notifications» is restored. Previously, when enabling a setting of an SMS notification and SNMP, traps continued to be sent from sensors and IO lines;
  • Reliability of a GSM modem operability, when initializing and sending SMS is improved;
  • An SNMP community length is limited in access restrictions in a device web interface. Before, polling and controlling a device via SNMP when setting too long Community did not work;
  • Textual encoding of a logic level of an IO line, which is adjusted at the page «Input-Output» of a device web interface, is now added to an SNMP trap and SMS notification;
  • A description of a status of an IR extension module IRC-TRv2 is repaired. Updated statuses of an IR module IRC-TRv2 can be browsed at a corresponding MIB file

The company NetPing recommends updating firmware of devices UniPing server solution v4/SMS and UniPing server solution v3 to the latest version. Updates are available at the official website in the section «files». We hope that updating to the latest firmware version will improve quality and reliability of operation of a device for remote monitoring of server rooms.

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