NetPing Issued Firmware Updates DKSF 52.10.8 and DKSF 202.10.8 for the Devices NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH and NetPing 2/PWR-220 v4/SMS

The company NetPing global Ltd. announces the issue of firmware updates or the devices of remote management of power supply sockets (IP PDU) NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH and NetPing 2/PWR-220 v4/SMS. New firmware versions of devices contain the implementation of new features and correction of errors.

What have been changed in the latest version?

Firmware Version DKSF 52.10.8 and DKSF 202.10.8 from 04.11.2016:

Innovations and error corrections that are related to SMS notifications and SMS commands are represented only in the version DKSF 202.10.8 for a NetPing 2/PWR-220 v4/SMS device, which is equipped with a built-in GSM modem.

  • An error with a possible endless reboot of a built-in GSM modem, which appeared in the previous firmware version because of significant changes in the code, connected with the modem operation, is eliminated.

Firmware Version DKSF 52.10.7 and DKSF 202.10.7 from 19.10.2016:

Innovations and error corrections that are related to SMS notifications and SMS commands are represented only in the version DKSF 202.10.7 for a NetPing 2/PWR-220 v4/SMS device, equipped with a built-in GSM modem.

  • After overfilling of a queue while intensive sending of SMS through the HTTP API, the operation of the queue was disrupted, and SMS were sent to the destination numbers from a neighboring HTTP API request. In a current version, the issue is solved, and the capacity of the outgoing queue is significantly increased;
  • An incorrect way of repeating the command AT+CMGS (sending SMS) after the error of a GSM modem «PS Busy», which led to the errors while sending SMS in the overloaded GSM network is corrected;
  • Now when a built-in GSM modem is frozen and consequently rebooted, an outgoing queue of SMS messages is not thrown away and sending of accumulated SMS in outgoing queue continues after the restoration of the operability of a GSM modem;
  • An SMS response to the SMS command «NETPING A? <community>» to request the battery status is corrected. In previous firmware versions, when a device worked on the battery a faulty status of low battery was always received in a response to the SMS command A?;
  • Disappearing of the part of the last events of the log when resetting the parameters of a device to default values is eliminated;
  • Saving thresholds of normal temperature above 127°C on the page «TEMPERATURE» of a device web interface is corrected;
  • Using the characters «"», «:» is prohibited in a username and a password;
  • Using non-ASCII characters (with the code more than 127) is prohibited in the SNMP Community;
  • The support of Cyrillic and several other special characters in the fields of username and password in a device web interface is implemented;
  • The support of encoding characters Windows-1251 is improved. Now special characters such as «№» are correctly displayed in a web interface;
  • A representation of a «Pinger» status and GSM status in a real time mode is added on the page «SMS» of a device web interface.

The company NetPing global Ltd. recommends updating firmware of the devices NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH and NetPing 2/PWR-220 v4/SMS to the latest version. Updates are available at the official website in the section «Documents and files». We hope that the updating to the newest version of firmware will increase the quality and reliability of the operation of the device for remote management power supply sockets (IP PDU).

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