NetPing Has Released The Update of The DKSF 53.1.2 and DKSF 203.1.2 Software For The Devices NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 And NetPing 2 IP PDU ETH 53R14

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NetPing east Co Ltd. announces the release of a firmware update for its NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 and NetPing 2 IP PDU ETH 53R14 devices power control devices. These new device firmware versions include new features and bug fixes.

What has changed in the latest version?

The firmware version DKSF 53.1.2 and DKSF 203.1.2 from 27.12.2019:

The innovations and bug fixes related to working with a GSM modem and an ionistor are available only in the DKSF 203.1.2 firmware version for the NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 remote power control device equipped with a built-in GSM modem and ionistor.

The main functions in the firmware DKSF 53.1.2 and DKSF 203.1.2 duplicate DKSF 52.10.15 and 202.10.15, respectively (NetPing 2/PWR-220 v2/SMS, NetPing 2/PWR-220v4/SMS and NetPing 2/PWR-220 v3/ETH devices).

The innovations and corrections:

  • sending notifications when switching from the main power to the ionistor and vice versa (SMS, Email, Syslog, SNMP Trap) is added.
  • IMEI display of the built-in GSM modem is added to the device’s home page.
  • disconnecting the GSM modem after a 10-fold reboot due to a freeze or other error is eliminated. Now, after 10 attempts to restart the firmware, it pauses for 10 minutes and resumes further attempts to restart the cycle. If reloads are less than 10 per hour, there is no pause.
  • the bug with executing HTTP OPTIONS request is fixed.

NetPing east Co Ltd. recommends updating the firmware of NetPing 2 IP PDU GSM3G 203R15 and NetPing 2 IP PDU ETH 53R14 devices to the latest version. The updates are available on the official website in the "Documentation and Files" section. We hope that updating the new firmware version will improve the quality and reliability of the controlled remote power distribution units.

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