NetPing Issued UniPing server solution v3 - a New Device for Monitoring Server Rooms

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The company NetPing global Ltd. announces a start of sales of a new device for monitoring server rooms UniPing server solution v3.

NetPing devices are useful for companies, where production processes take place around the clock, such as in data centers for processing data of a corporate network, at switching nodes of Internet providers, telephone exchange, in mobile networks, in systems of guaranteed power supply, fire and security alarm.

A new device UniPing server solution v3 is one of the devices for remote monitoring of sensors via an Ethernet/Internet network. It allows to receive information about a status of sensors and notifications about sensors triggering remotely. Having installed UniPing server solution v3 in your server room, you can always be sure that operation conditions for your equipment are optimal! Among devices of its price range, UniPing server solution v3 has the fullest functionality.

Pluggable Sensors and Monitoring Functions of UniPing server solution v3:

    • E-mail, SNMP TRAP, SYSLOG notifications about triggering sensors;
    • Temperature sensors;
    • Supply voltage sensor;
    • Door sensor;
    • Leakage sensor;
    • Smoke sensor;
    • Shock sensor;
    • Glass break sensor;
    • Air humidity sensor;
    • Motion sensor;
    • Airflow sensor

    Convenience of Using, Simple Integration into Existing Systems, Reliability:

      • Operates 24 hours/7 days a week with no freezes;
      • Embedded web server;
      • Connection to the Ethernet network, static IP address;
      • Two Ethernet ports on the case of a device;
      • Authorization and access restriction;
      • SNMP support;
      • SYSLOG support;
      • URL-encoded commands support;
      • Firmware update;
      • Nonvolatile logfile;
      • Nonvolatile clock and time synchronization with NTP

      Automation on the Basis of UniPing server solution v3:

        • Automation and implementation of logic rules (LOGIC);
        • Automatic controlling an air conditioner using IR commands;
        • Automatic controlling external devices via SNMP

        Even More Possibilities When Using Additional Devices with UniPing server solution v3:

        • Controlling devices via IR. Turning on/turning off an air conditioner by sending IR commands;
        • Connecting a device to an existing WiFi network using an adapter WiFi VAP11N;
        • Uninterruptible power supply of a device together with NetPing Mini-UPS

        UniPing server solution v3 is manufactured in a standard plastic case and is installed into a 19-inch rack being 1U high.

        A device is certified. It has a warranty for 2 years. There is a possibility to take this piece of equipment for testing for 1 month and more if 100% is paid in advance.

        To order a device, contact

        Contacts - we develop, manufacture and sell monitoring devices for server rooms as well as for a remote monitoring.
        Phone: +886-2-23121582
        7F.-2, No.25, Sec. 1, Zhonghua Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

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